Roosters put behind bars as cockfight betting case evidence by police in Telangana


Police in Telangana have put roosters, used for cockfighting, behind the bars as evidence in connection with a betting case. The incident was reported at Midigonda police station in Khammam district.

During its anti-cockfight betting drive during the Sankranthi festival, police caught two roosters on January 10.

During the drive, police raided a betting den in Banapuram village and took 10 persons in custody along with 2 cockfight organisers.

Bikes and two roosters were also seized from the den by the police.

Though all the gamblers nabbed by police were granted bail, the two roosters are still behind bars at the police station as no one has come forward to claim them.

Police say they have kept them as evidence in the case and they have to be produced in court as evidence. Officials said an auction would be conducted and the higher bidder will get the roosters.

Meanwhile, the roosters behind the bars have become a topic of discussion among people who throng the police station to see them chilling behind bars.