UK's youngest terrorist who plotted to behead police officer could be free in weeks

 The inmate, who plotted to behead a police officer when he was 14, completed his minimum sentence three months ago.

A parole board hearing next week is expected to hear the 20-year-old is “highly likely” to comply with license conditions.

Known as RXG, he is one of only a handful of child criminals – including toddler James Bulger’s killers Jon Venables and Robert Thompson – to be granted a protected identity for life.

Forensic Psychologist Dr Louise Bowers said in a 2018 assessment: “RXG appears to have left his ‘terrorist -identity’ behind and he is well on the way to -developing a new stable and pro-social identity.”

Sevdet Besim
The terrorist used a phone in a bid to persuade Sevdet Besim (pictured) to commit mass murder