How Many Ducks Can You Count In This Pic Shared By Harsh Goenka?

 How Many Ducks Can You Count In This Pic Shared By Harsh Goenka?

How many ducks can you see in this pic?

Businessman Harsh Goenka has left Twitter users intrigued with a challenge he shared on the microblogging platform. On Wednesday, the chairman of RPG Group took to Twitter to ask a "very simple question" - but it left hundreds of people scratching their heads in confusion. 

Sharing an illustration of a number of ducks standing in neat rows, he wrote: "A very simple question- how many ducks?"

If the task of counting ducks seems easy, you only need to look a little closer at the picture to realise that it is tougher than it seems. Take a look at the illustration below and see how many ducks you can count:

Since being posted on Twitter two days ago, the picture has racked up over a 1,000 'likes' and hundreds of responses. 

While some managed to count as many as 19 ducks, others said that the pic had only nine birds.

However, all these answers were rejected by Mr Goenka, who revealed that the correct answer is 16 ducks.

He also encircled all the ducks in the pic to explain how he reached that conclusion. 

This is not the first time that a 'count the animals' puzzle has captured social media's attention. In April last year, an illustration with several tigers cleverly camouflaged within in had gone viral online.

How many ducks did you count? Let us know using the comments section.