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How extremist elements hijacked farmers' rally and Deep Sidhu’s role in chaos

 Despite being shunned by farmer unions at various stages of the ongoing anti-farm law agitation, Deep Sidhu has been attempting to take a leadership role in the movement for the past several months.

Pushed to the periphery of the agitation, Deep Sidhu bounced back one day ahead of the planned tractor march of Tuesday. He was seen campaigning for the march on the Outer Ring Road. The position taken by the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee in favour of sticking to the original plan of holding the parade on the Outer Ring Road, along with another extreme Left-leaning body Bharti Kisan Union (Krantikari), which is part of the 32 farmer organisations, gave Deep Sidhu the opportunity to push for not following the new route agreed upon.

On Monday evening, Deep Sidhu took over the main stage at Singhu, and along with gangster-turned-social activist Lakha Sidhana, announced they would hold the march “inside Delhi”.

According to sources, they also had support from certain extreme Left-leaning elements among the 32 organisations in the plan for not following the agreed upon route. They had a plan ready by Tuesday morning. First, they started a march of their own much before the official march of the farmer unions, and positioned their 'henchmen' in large numbers at a road turning towards central Delhi. From there they directed other tractors towards the Red Fort instead of the agreed route. At one point of time, volunteers of farmer unions tried to intervene in this, but they were outnumbered by the Deep Sidhu and Lakha Sidhana group.

Since the start of the agitation, the common concern among the 32 organisations was that the two were pushing the “struggle” towards a communal path.

Rajinder Singh Deepsingh Wala

vice-president of Kirti Kisan Union

The Centre has been trying from the very beginning to paint this movement in a communal colour. They are master of religious games, but in this struggle led by farmers, they are for the first time at the receiving end. Deep Sidhu has served them well.

Deep Sidhu, who has acted in a few Punjabi films, surprised everybody last year when he raised a question over the leadership of the farmer unions and announced to launch his own 'morcha' at Shambu.

During the last Lok Sabha election, Deep Sidhu was campaigning to strengthen the BJP, and had even posed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as he was the election agent of the party’s Gurdaspur candidate Sunny Deol. He was accused of being an “RSS agent” by farmer unions in Punjab.


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