Woman bursts into tears of joy after kind stranger's random act of kindness

 A woman was left crying tears of joy after a kind stranger's random act of kindness brightened her day.

Dave approached the woman, who it later emerged is called Caroline, as she entered a shopping centre in Australia.

While filming her reaction for his TikTok channel RandomHappiness5, he gives her a bouquet of flowers and tells her: "Happy Tuesday".

At first she looks a little confused and he adds: "Just a random act of kindness."

Caroline tells Dave his selfless act has given her goosebumps, before questioning him: "You mean this? I don't know you?".

Caroline appeared overwhelmed by Dave's kindness 

She gives Dave a hug, as he explains he is filming her reaction to share on social media and spread some happiness rather than negativity around the world.

He adds: "I have a little saying, when it's raining look for rainbows, when it's dark look for stars."

Caroline say she doesn't know what to say, and is clearly moved by Dave's actions.138208672551

She burst into tears of joy 
She thanked Dave for his words and flowers 

She replies: "You have no idea, just, I can't believe it. I walk in here and thinking I have to put a big smile on my face. You're sweet."

The pair tell each other their names before the video ends.

It has since been liked more than 300,000 times.