America's worst serial killer responsible for 93 murders dies

 The nomadic 6ft 3in drifter - a bare-knuckle prizefighter in his youth - slaughtered dozens of innocent women during an horrific 56-year crime wave throughout the US.

He strangled all of his victims and after admitting to his sadistic crimes years later went on to draw all of their faces from memory to help in police investigations.

Detectives are still using the sketches to trace some of those killed, having so far been able to verify 50 of Little's confessions.

Samuel Little
Little has never shown remorse for his murders

The killer, who at one time served as an ambulance attendant, appeared bemused or smiling as he recounted the circumstances of the murders in FBI videotapes from prison.

He never showed any remorse for his crimes, even raising his fist in a triumphant gesture in front of victims' families during a murder hearing in 2014.

Little reportedly once told a detective how "God put him on this Earth to do what he was doing".

Samuel Little
Little appeared unfazed after being convicted on three counts of first degree murder in 2014